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Buy Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Product Overview:


Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition is a productive infrastructure for running all business applications and services including networking, messaging, inventory and customer service, database, e-commerce Web sites, and file and print servers. * Enterprise capabilities * Get all the functionality you expect from a server operating system, including multiprocessor and 64-bit support, clustering, and other improvements. Built to handle demanding workloads * Scale from single-processor systems to 128-way systems, with support for up to 64 processors (32- and 64-bit) and 512 GB of memory in one system. Less downtime, more availability * New features eliminate common causes of reboots and outages, helping you realize significant cost savings through less planned and unplanned downtime. Best economicsExperience the added value of a global network of Windows Server independent software vendors, certified engineers, and third-party solution providers. * Built for a connected world Connect your intranets, extranets, and the Web with optimized support for XML and .NET. Easily develop, distribute, and host XML Web services. Efficient drafting. Easy sharing. Simplified plotting. With AutoCAD 2005 you can easily create, plot, publish, and share your 2D designs. You get more done in fewer steps with a streamlined plotting interface and drafting features that boost your productivity. Quickly create tables, better manage large groups of layers, and conveniently access frequently used content to work more efficiently. Sharing your data widely is a snap: even team members without AutoCAD software can view and mark up your published DWF files, and you can instantly distribute multiple DWG files in a single step. Plus background plotting frees you to work while you print out your drawings.

System requirements:

# Microsoft Windows-based computers Processor 133-MHz or faster processor for x86-based PCs; 733-MHz for Itanium-based PCs; up to eight processors supported on either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version # Memory 128 MB of RAM minimum required; maximum: 32 GB for x86-based PCs with the 32-bit version and 64 GB for Itanium-based PCs with the 64-bit version # Hard Disk 1.5 GB of available hard-disk space for x86-based PCs; 2 GB for Itanium-based PCs; additional space is required if installing over a network # Drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive # Display VGA or hardware that supports console redirection required # Other Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, 64-bit version is compatible only with 64-bit Intel Itanium-based systems and cannot install on 32-bit systems # Internet Connection Some Internet functionality may require Internet access, a .NET Passport account, and payment of a separate fee to a service provider # Networking Network adapter appropriate for the type of home network to which you wish to connect, and access to an appropriate network infrastructure


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